Our Jewelry

Jewelry is everywhere. From online to in-store, there are thousands of different design options. 
The problem is: they all look and feel the same. Where’s the uniqueness? Where’s the story and heart behind the piece?
In today’s jewelry market, a sad reality is that the profit exceeds the importance of the passion of the piece. Not with Revival Nola. As a store that is built around giving back, you are our most important priority, not profit. Every piece we create has a story behind it because every piece we create is made with intention, devotion, and passion. We carefully select what symbols we want to capture from the city and what symbols hold the most meaning to us in that season—we never haphazardly choose a design.
Our desire is for you to have a jewelry piece that you connect with. A memento that you can cherish forever by having it captured in a beautiful silver pendant. 
Designs and styles come and go, but the story behind a piece stays forever. Think about it: that’s the reason why engagement rings are worth much more than their weight in metal or quality in stones, they’re priceless because of the story and meaning behind the metal. 
Is what you’re buying meaningful? What’s the story behind your jewelry? 
If you have a Revival Nola piece, you know your piece isn’t one that fades in and out of style; It stays in style forever because it has a story that lasts just as long. 

Our Brand

Our brand is for anyone who loves New Orleans. Our jewelry is meant to capture New Orleans symbols and icons that reflect a different facet of New Orleans’ personality, and be a memento to the memories we love and share with the city. If you love New Orleans, Revival Nola is for you.

Our Story

“At 12 years old I developed a skill for building custom jewelry using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. I’ve done jobs for celebrities, NFL/NBA players, and pretty much any type of person you could imagine.

Though creating custom jobs for clients was fun, my passion is to help the city of New Orleans. In 2016, Revival Nola was a result of that passion. 

Revival Nola is a company that takes my 11+ years of custom jewelry design and combines it with my passion to give back to New Orleans.

With every sale, we give back to a local non-profit that is making a difference in the city of New Orleans.”

Jacob Pazos, Founder